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We love it when people visit us in the orchard and talk about cider, or  tell us about that old apple tree they’ve had in their garden for years, or that time they tried to ferment some juice themselves and ended up drinking vinegar.

Our gate is always open to visitors during the week and you’re more than welcome to come and have a wander around and explore the orchard.

If you’d like a more in-depth look around, with a tour of the cider mill and talk by an experienced guide, plus a chance to sample our cider and juice, we run numerous organised visits throughout the year. Please see below for more details.

Orchard Tours

Our popular tours start with a guided walk around the orchard and cider mill, through which you'll gain an insight into our history and a look at the many varieties of apples we grow. We continue with a chance to sample some of our award-winning produce and an informal Q & A.

We are not currently running tours, however we hope to return with a new programme in 2022.


For group enquiries email us or call us on 01439 741111.

Find Us

Ampleforth Abbey Orchard is located on Aumit Lane, opposite to St Alban's Sports Centre (YO62 4HA).

Please note, although St Alban's Centre and the Orchard are open to the public, the grounds directly surrounding them are part of the school and consequentially are not.

Please follow all appropriate signage when on site.

We look forward to seeing you!

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You can learn more about Ampleforth Abbey and what it has to offer visitors here.

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