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Ampleforth Abbey Traditional Cider 6.5% abv

Filled with the bright, zesty flavours of early-season fruit such as Discovery, Katy and Irish Peach, our Traditional Cider is light, refreshing and very easy-drinking.

Drawn from the barrel and sold as it comes – naturally cloudy and still.


Available in 500ml bottles or 20l Bag in Boxes - Still.

Awarded bronze in CAMRA’s 2019 national cider and perry competition.

For those who prefer it with fizz, we also supply our 6.5% Traditional Cider lightly-carbonated in 500ml bottles.

Available in 500ml bottles - Sparkling

Medium-dry. Contains sulphites.

Ampleforth Abbey Premium Cider 8% abv


As the season progresses, the later fruit such as Ashmead’s Kernel and Belle de Boskoop develop more complex and richer flavours. Naturally higher in sugar, the juice from these apples ferments to 8% abv, and is matured and mellowed in oak before being lightly-carbonated and bottled as our Premium Cider.

Available in 330ml and 750ml bottles - Sparkling

Medium-dry. Contains sulphites.

Click here to learn more about our cider.

Ampleforth Abbey Beer 7% abv

Brewed to an old monastic recipe by Little Valley Brewery in Hebden Bridge, this dark, Trappist-style beer is full-bodied with a taste of rich fruit and malt. Bottle conditioned to ‘dubbel’ strength.

Available in 330ml bottles

Contains Barley, Wheat and Gluten.


Click here to learn more about our beer.

Ampleforth Abbey Apple Juice

Each year we select a number of apple varieties throughout the season and turn these into a very limited stock of single-variety juice. From the sharper, subtle taste of Beauty of Bath to the robust and syrupy Ribston Pippin, each one is different and unique.

Given 3 stars at the 2019 Great Taste Awards.

Available in 750ml bottles

Contains sulphites.

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